Get your copy of the 1st Equal Money book! The Solution we've all been waiting for. Equal Money System
- the HOME of your children

Original CHILL Music for your indulgence.

Do Humans and Computers have anything in common?

Awesome Song by Matti Freeman!

walking the History of the Atom and it's function within the development and evolution of this physical-existence and humanity.

Bernard explaining the specific steps required to move oneself from thought into living application of self

we have a look at the point of Individualism and how we as 'Individuals' have been shaped by pornography and Romance

The ‘Blog-Book’ series contains examples of practical living written by Destonians. It is a hand-in-hand walk through the process of Self-Change.

it is not to fear money but to stand up for life and find ways to change the world as solutions to everyone's money fear.
Interview with Bernard Poolman

What will education look like if it is based on and follows the equality equation of what's best for all?
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